two way radio

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Main Features

1) 199 Memory Channels

2) With LCD Display

3) Wire Clone

4) PC Programming

5) CTCSS 50 Groups, DCS 83*2 Groups

6) Hand free VOX

7) Sound Alert

8) Calling Remind

9) Group Function

10) Emergency call function

11) Compatible with American Military Standards MIL-810C.D.E tests, such as rain and water humidity, dust and vibration shock etc.


General Part

 Frequency Range              



 Channel NO.



50 group CTCSS;

83*2 group DCS

 Working Voltage

 7.4V(LI-ION Battery)

 Working Temperature

–100°c~+ 60°c

 Antenna Impedance

 50 Ω

 Ground Method

 Negative Pole

 Work Mode


 Power Output


 Modulation Mode


 Remanent Radiation


 Emission Current


 Modulation Limit


 Modulation Sensitivity


 Frequency Stability




 Audio Respond


 Audio Power


 Audio Distortion





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